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credit support from TOKI

Turkey's third largest shopping center (AVM) is done in Diyarbakir.

With the start of the settlement process began drawing the attention of investors in Diyarbakir, the largest Southeastern Anatolia Region, it is Turkey's third largest AVM'si established.

Last year, Europe's largest integrated calcite, gypsum and plasterboard Karavil chemicals factory that opened in Diyarbakir Group, Inc. Ceylan with Diyarbakır-Siverek highway it will cost $ 150 million in over 55 acres of land began construction of the shopping center.

206 shops as well as 3 and 5 stars, including two hotels with 400 beds 2 thousand vehicles will take place in the parking lot of shopping center, will provide employment for 4 thousand people. AVM was stated to be opened in April 2014 in the districts Kayapınar services.

- "The future is very large investments thanks to Process"

Karavil Group Management Board Chairman Abdulkadir Karavil AA correspondent, said that in the center of Diyarbakir has great investment opportunities.

It is growing every day Diyarbakir, the need for modern shopping centers so was born and raised Karavil stating that they decided to invest in Diyarbakir province, accommodation for contributing to the shortage of shopping center projects 3 and 5 stars that are included in the two hotels were reported.

The new airport building since its construction will be completed in 2014, followed by a large number of countries will begin flights from Diyarbakir expressing Karavil time, thus stressing the future of thousands of people in Diyarbakir.

AVM stating that opened a year later Karavil, he said:

"4 thousand people employed to provide AVM region as well as from Iraq and Syria will also offer services to the future. Hypermarkets and DIY stores, entertainment center, and 206 stores in the shopping center with movie theaters will take place in Diyarbakir, a large number of branches will be acquainted with the brand's international reputation. In this way, the shortage will end products of famous brands to reach the citizens of the region. AVM service intends to open in April 2014.

Our thanks to the solution process of the peaceful days when life had become for many years. He wants to continue until permanent peace is established and we support the process. The private sector invests in any environment where peace and security. There are huge potential in various sectors of the East and Southeast Anatolia. Investors in our region will be safe after the settlement process will assess this potential in a short time. thanks to huge investment in the future process. "

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